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Welcome back to the Brushwood Breakers Yard
This is where we sell off broken models and ex-demonstrators that have been used at the shows and for the website pictures.  The broken models are ideal for the scratch build enthusiast who is happy to take on a repair project or create a brand-new machine from the parts retrieved.  
We have done our best to list the details of the broken parts on each model so please read carefully so you are 100% sure you know what you are buying. We have also created a 360 of each model (not all models will have a video) which we ask you to study carefully for anything we may have not noticed that is wrong – so be aware these are SOLD AS SEEN and we will not accept any returns – as after all you are buying a damaged product from the outset.
Each model MAY or MAY NOT be sent to you in its original packaging – but either way they will be carefully protected for posting as we always do.
BOXED RETURN - Means where a customer has returned the model/toy, we have visually  inspected it and can see no obvious faults, but we cannot guarantee that a fault does not exist.  If a boxed return is seen to be broken we will list that in the description.
We will make this a monthly feature so please bookmark and check this page on a regular basis so you do not miss out!
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