Tractor & Machinery Buyers Guide


We offer you a great selection of the best and most realistic tractors and machinery available from Britains, Siku, Wiking, Universal Hobbies, Ros, Weise Schuco, Marge Models and Imber to name but a few that compliment our range of authentic toy farm buildings perfectly.

We mark each of our product pages with the applicable age group and have a handy visual 'Age Indicator' graphic on each page displaying the appropriate age group.  Please take notice of these indications when chosing a model.

Available age groups are as follows:

Age 3+
Age 8+
Age 14+ (These are NOT toys!)

Please read this to make sure the toy you purchase is suitable for the age of carpet farmer it is intended for:

Siku: Good solid chunky design with lots of metal and best suited for age group 3+ 

Britains: Slightly more fragile with more plastic parts than Siku but still very good toys and intended for age group 3+ 

Bruder/Britains Big Farm: Great for small hands and outside play due to their large scale and aimed at the 3+age group.

Universal Hobbies, Replicagri, ROS, Norscott, Schuco and Wiking: More like models than toys these ranges have great detail and lots of metal, but some parts are very small and really for age group 14+/collectors due to the incredible detail and the fragility that brings. 

Weise, Imber, Bevro, CIP, AT Collections, Atlas, Ertl and Gilles: Superb detail and definitely for the older collector as these are detailed models, min age 14+ without doubt.

Implement compatibility: most Britains tractors will fit Siku implements and visa versa, but all other brands are best teamed up with their own implements. Please note that age 14+ models are designed for static display only and it cannot be guaranteed that all tractors and implements will match each other.

1:76 Scale: Oxford Die Cast models are strictly for 14+ due to their fragile nature; they are very detailed models for their size.

1:87 Scale: Siku models are suitable for age 3+, however the more fragile construciton of the Schuco models means they are only suitable for age 14+.

Please do not ask us to remove products from their boxes to check compatability as many are collectable and opening the packaging may reduce the future value to the purchaser.

If the brand you are interested in is not listed above, please either assume Age 14+ or call us to confirm!

Please call us if you require some advice from one of our over-grown toy farm-hands.